Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

made to order

I just completed my first made to order, 8x10 on acrylic name piece. Just tell me what your little one likes (theme) and I'll create it with his or her name on canvas. I always include some sort of vintage paper art in the work. shown here is the number 3, for how old this little guy will be. Just e-mail me at:

Acrylic on Canvas
Canvas Size: 8x10  (will do larger)
Price for 8x10 $20.00
Alyssa ;)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to this blog, which is actually my third, as I keep evolving in the arts and find my groove.  Crazy, I know! Where do I find the time? I know! Well, this is it! Lol! As I let the other two go, I have settled on having a blog that is named after me because, well, why not.

Whale-Mixed Media Art, 2012 SOLD
I've created such a love for art and mixed media design. Selling my art has been something that I never in a million years thought would happen. I used to blush when someone would say that I can draw or they like my work. I never really thought I could, but have always created and found great comfort in holding crayons, paintbrushes, pencils, etc.  When people , other than my mom, wanted to have my art in their home I was more than grateful and so flattered.

Being an educator is my first passion. I am creative in the classroom, but I keep that life separate from this. It is here where I am the wife, mommy and the artist. Thanks for stopping by!